How the “Dare To Dream” bursary is inspiring the next generation of innovators

Dare to dream bursary

Dream bigger, says Sadé Malek, as she reflects on her journey with the “Dare To Dream” bursary.

My studies

My journey in the tech world has been marked by a deep passion for technology and a love for problem-solving. This is why I chose to study ICT Business Analysis, a field that aligns perfectly with my aspirations. The reason I chose ICT Business Analysis at the Durban University of Technology is simple, I found a field that not only allows me to harness my passion for technology, but also empowers me to analyse data, devise solutions, and add value to both customers and businesses.

In this rapidly evolving tech landscape, it’s an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. My studies have given me both theoretical and practical expertise relating to ICT Business Analysis, shaping my ability to navigate through the world of technology and make informed data-driven decisions.

I’ve had the privilege of analysing an actual business as part of my major project this year, this has deepened my understanding of technology, exposed me to complex business problems and allowed me to propose innovative solutions to these problems.

Being a “Dare To Dream” bursary recipient

However, my university journey would not have been possible without the “Dare To Dream” bursary. When I started university, I knew I wanted to get a bursary to lift the weight off my family’s shoulders relating to funding. I continuously looked online and searched for the most suitable companies that aligned to my career choice and passions, I was fortunate enough to come across the “Dare To Dream” bursary.

Through my hard work and dedication towards my studies, I was happy to see I met the requirements for the bursary programme, and I immediately applied. I was overjoyed when I got accepted. Being a part of this bursary programme serves as evidence that hard work and dedication can indeed open doors to a brighter future.

As a “Dare To Dream” bursary recipient, my journey has been enriched by this life-changing opportunity. The bursary wasn’t just a source of funding for me, I felt it was a reward or a golden ticket for my hard work, as well as an inspiration for me to continue going after my goals and dreams.

It was a heartfelt reminder that aspirations can be achieved, and there are compassionate organisations, like BET Software, who are willing to invest in someone’s future. I am deeply grateful for this bursary programme; I feel it lit the path to a brighter future and instilled in me the drive to reach for new heights and aspire to remarkable success.

Contributing to BET Software’s success

Looking ahead, I envision a promising path where my expertise in ICT Business Analysis aligns with BET Software’s success. Technology is a rapidly evolving world, and I want to be at the forefront of that industry. I’m determined to drive innovation and contribute to BET Software. I find inspiration in the adventurous spirit of challenging limits and doing something new. I take pride in being myself, remaining humble, honest, and respectful.

I enjoy collaborating and working in a team, towards a common goal, I believe this is something I can contribute to BET Software. I aspire to bring my skills, knowledge, values, and my unwavering determination to the table, helping BET Software maintain its position as one of the most diverse betting software providers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I’m thrilled about the idea of one day being a part of a team where every day is an adventure, innovation thrives, creativity is the driving force, and solutions are created from passion. My commitment to BET Software’s success goes beyond professional aspirations; it’s a dedication to becoming an integral part of their tech community and to give back to a company that has already given me so much.

Dream big

Dreams are the blazing spark that propels the engines of innovation and drive progress forward. As Walt Disney once said,

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.

This quote is directed to all students who want to go after their dreams but are afraid to do so; work hard, push limits, and no matter what situation you are in, don’t ever stop dreaming. Have the courage to dream and the dedication to turn those dreams into reality. And this all starts here by applying for the “Dare To Dream” bursary.

Never stop dreaming and believing in yourself!

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