BET Software Uplifts Golden Steps School And Open Air School

As part of its ongoing commitment to empower and support special needs learners, BET Software gifted two learning institutions – Golden Steps School and Open Air School – with items from the schools’ wish lists.

Open Air School, in Glenwood, Durban, turned 102 years on Thursday, 9 February 2023. It was the first institution in South Africa to cater exclusively to children living with physical disabilities, which precluded them from mainstream education. BET Software donated Asus mini PCs, LG LED monitors, and cables, as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse combos, to commemorate the school’s birthday with the learners.

Open Air School principal, Samantha Sayanna, acknowledged BET Software’s contribution. “We have all these presents for Open Air from one of our sponsors, BET Software, thank you,” she said.

Over the years, BET Software’s assistance and partnership with the school have allowed differently-abled learners to thrive. One of Open Air School’s top achievers for the class of 2022, Luqa Zondi, received a BET Software scholarship last year. Zondi came first in KZN, in the special school category, under the Umlazi district. Two other Open Air School matriculants, Amanda Khuzwayo, and Sethabile Phungula were also in the top 5 along with Zondi.

To highlight the importance of ensuring special needs learners feel included, BET Software also chose Golden Steps School, in Verulam, Durban, as its ‘Back to School’ campaign beneficiary, for this year. Based in the rural village of Cottonlands, the school caters to children living with disabilities and autism.

The school is attended by 214 learners who cannot benefit from the curriculum offered in mainstream schools and require education of a specialized nature. Golden Steps School aims to help these learners adapt better to the community around them and become independent, responsible adults.  In partnership with the Hollywood Foundation, BET Software was able to gift the school with much-needed equipment.

Golden Steps School principal, Anesh Singh, thanked BET Software. “We are partnering with BET Software with one objective, and the objective is societal change. And how do we change society? It’s through the little things that we are impacting the lives of our autistic learners,” he explained.

BET Software’s General Manager, Michael Collins, said, “At BET Software, we are committed to stepping up and getting involved. Our relationship with Open Air School, and visit to Golden Steps School, highlight the need for real learning opportunities for special needs learners. BET Software looks forward to more long and healthy years working with these incredible schools.”

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