What we do

BET Software is an innovative betting software solution provider disrupting global markets with our vanguard software solutions. Our engineers collaborate as a team to develop automated software systems that manage large volumes of data seamlessly.

Our All-Star Team brings their expertise and experience to the fore, which ultimately reflects in the highly successful and lucrative solutions we offer to our clients.

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WHy we do it

Upon inception, our Team of highly-skilled software engineers identified that the fast-paced bookmaking industry required exceptional service, rapid responsiveness, and quality products. In response, we pioneered SyX Software – an application which is able to result large volumes of transactions in rapid time. We pride ourselves on our ability to forge close relationships with customers, and on providing leading-edge betting platforms, as well as 24/7 support, customisation, and optimisation that surpasses their expectations. This is achieved through state-of-the-art hardware, innovative applications and Teamwork. Our dynamic Team consistently delivers to ensure that BET Software is a force to be reckoned with.

SYX Software

“SyX is designed to run on low-end hardware in locations with
limited internet connectivity, so is perfect in an African context.”

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Developed by the BET Software Team, this cutting-edge online and retail software solution offers customers a fully-realised sportsbook with integration into casino betting, virtual games, and live lotteries. The application was launched in 2013 with a web-based back office and retail front end. SyX essentially allows clients to “sell” bets, and it can handle incredibly large volumes of transactions while running on low-end hardware; this means that customers can be assured of a user-friendly, and high-end betting experience anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Range of Bet Types


The back office contains automated processes to ensure optimal control with unprecedented ease, while resulting large volumes of transactions in rapid time. Integration with banks via the payment portal gives the user the flexibility to choose from various payment methods. It also contains an easy-to-use lottery management system. SyX is also integrated with internationally recognised providers.

Our solutions

We create Horse Racing, Lucky Number and Live In-Play feeds, and supply the largest number of Lucky Number feeds in SA. We offer 24/7 support for these feeds.

We are a dynamic Team of diverse, multi-faceted, multi-skilled developers and technologists. We are building world class ground-breaking software solutions and systems while providing exceptional 24/7 support and customer service. We make technology happen, and continually strive to master the unknown. We never stop learning and pushing boundaries. While our roots are based in delivering the best online and retail betting solutions, we are more than capable of delivering innovative software that inspires and exceeds the expectations of diverse customers across multiple industries. We work hard, and appreciate the dedication and commitment required to deliver the best in our business. Our easy-going, collaborative environment is important to us, and we make sure we support this mantra in all that we do.

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We create Horse Racing, Lucky Number and Live In-Play feeds and supply the largest number of Lucky Number feeds in SA. We offer 24/7 support for these feeds.
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A huge intranet system which provides a powerful communication and reporting tool to over 85 retail branches across SA. It integrates with SyX to conduct the daily cash and stock reconciliations in the branches.
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This is a stock management system. Clients in logistics use this system to keep track of all deliveries and stock.
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The system that supplies and manages the sale and distribution of Hollywoodbets Top Up Vouchers. It is essentially a white label solution. We are integrated with various large retailers and manage the backend sales of these vouchers.
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Payment Portals

There are 11 payment options that BET Software provides the API integrations for. These are also integrated with SyX and when required, BET manages and reconciles payments, refunds etc.

Technologies We Use

The BET Software Team stays up to date with the latest technology, and we believe that our flexibility to adapt to the multi-faceted demands of the betting world is what sets us apart. Our remote and office-based Team are able to work on their tech stack of choice, so our All-Star skillset is ever-growing and evolving as we stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology. At BET, we encourage exploration, adventure and a whole lot of levelling up!

Frameworks: .Net framework, net core 3.1, net 5, Red panda, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Erlang

Languages: Angular/ReactJS, C#, Typescript, Elixir

Datastores: MS SQL Server, CouchBase, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, CockroachDB













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Power BI

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How we use them

Angular/ReactJS: We use this platform for building mobile and desktop web betting applications.
MS SQL Server: Our data storage of choice, but we also integrate with NoSql databases like CouchDB, ElasticSearch and MongoDB
.Net Core: Our betting software is built using the cross OS framework to ensure scalabilty across different environments and provide scalable REST Apis.
SSRS/PowerBI: To give our users rich interactive reports.
RabbitMQ: To ensure high performing and always up systems, we use RabbitMQ Queueing services.
Erlang: To ensure high volume transaction processing.