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A brief history of how it all began

We are B.E.T.

We have a bus. This bus started with the standard three-tiered architecture engine. Were we building a 4×4 to race at Monaco? Probably, but at the time we figured we were also cool enough to do the Paris-Dhaka Rally. To our low transactional horror, our biggest client suddenly decided to explode online to become the 4th biggest site in the country as per and now we are rapidly changing the wheels at 200Ks per hour while we pull the engine apart.

Its decision time.

Do we go NoSQL electric with messageQ energy and 100 independent wheels?

Do we go NoSQL electric with messageQ energy and 100 independent wheels?

Will they be relational?

All we know is that we need to go faster.

The people on the bus share some common traits we hold dear. Passion, integrity, honesty, and the need to continually learn. Bus drivers and passengers alike are with us for the ride. Sometimes it is a party bus with disco ball and loud music, other times, it’s a school bus where everyone is concentrating so they can finish their homework.

Wanna Join Us?

We need to ask yourself a few questions first:

Do you build race cars?

Do you go off road?

Do you do both?

Do you enjoy having an itchy problem solving brain ?

Are you a bus driver?

Want to know more?

All our drivers and passengers need to pass an assessment. What’s a bus without the driver being able to fall asleep and anyone able to jump behind the wheel? We would love to chat. We do hang out at bus stops and are friendly enough to talk to anyone who will listen