BET Software: Where Culture Meets Innovation

At BET Software, we don’t just develop cutting-edge technology; we also promote a work environment that encourages new ideas, welcomes everyone, and shows real concern.

September 2023 was an exciting month for us as we explored different projects, now, let’s take a closer look at our lively company culture.

Tech Enthusiasts Unite!

We kicked off September with a bang at the IIE Rosebank College’s Career Fair in Durban. Our tech gurus were excited to meet the future leaders of the tech world. It was an opportunity for us to share insights, and discuss career opportunities, bursaries, and our Grad program.

We aim to inspire and help talented individuals reach their full potential.

Celebrating Heritage Day

Embracing cultural diversity is at the heart of our company culture. We celebrated Heritage Day with a shout-out to those who bring the vibrancy of their cultures to life. Their uniqueness makes BET Software a special place to work.

Rugby, Knowledge, and Team Spirit

BET Software isn’t just about work – it’s also about fostering camaraderie. Our weekly Rugby Tournament Quiz winners, Mengka Singh and Salochana Naidoo, showed off their knowledge and team spirit by excelling in the Ireland quiz.

We believe in promoting a sense of community and friendly competition among our team members.

Living the Dream at Comic Con Africa

We understand that work-life balance is essential. Some of our team members lived their dreams at Comic Con Africa. The pictures from their incredible incentive trip speak volumes about the unforgettable experiences that our employees cherish.

We’re committed to making dreams come true, both in and outside the office.

Exploring HR Excellence

Our HR experts made a mark at the Sandton Convention Centre by joining Africa’s HR elite at the HR Summit. They discussed the future of learning, embraced digital transformation, and explored HR tech and AI innovations.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technology to our approach to our people and their development.

BET Software Goes Global

Exciting news! BET Software is making waves on the international stage. Heading to the SBC Summit Barcelona, where we will connect with industry leaders, share insights, and make game-changing connections.

Our global perspective is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of our industry.


BET Software is more than just a company – it’s a place where we focus on growing, coming up with new ideas, and being open to everyone.

We value having different kinds of people, helping our team members develop their skills, and making sure there are chances for them to do well. Our commitment to doing great work is connected to our commitment to our team.

So, whether you’re someone who wants to join our team, BET Software offers a culture of innovation and care that extends beyond the ordinary. We invite you to be a part of our journey, where culture and technology meet in perfect harmony.

Keep an eye out for more news about the cool things we’re working on and get ready to see what BET Software is all about for yourself.

Discovering Bet Software’s Impact: Insights into Tech Culture and Industry

  • Explore Bet Software’s impact at the Rosebank College Career Fair, where innovation meets opportunity.
  • Join Bet Software’s Comeback Crew – a hub for talent to thrive amidst innovation and support.
  • Experience the intersection of technology and human triumph with Bet Software, spreading hope through personal stories like “My Journey with Diabetes”.
  • Discover the transformative power of education with Bet Software, paving the way for aspiring innovators through initiatives like the “Dare to Dream Bursary”.
  • Overcome barriers and pursue success in the ICT industry with Bet Software, where dedication and support create opportunities for all.
  • Explore the future of women in ICT with Bet Software, where empowerment drives progress and innovation.
  • Discover the dynamics of ICT digital transformation in South Africa’s digital revolution.
  • Explore the significance of ICT in education, shaping the future of learning and innovation.
  • Trace the journey from roots to revolution with Bet Software’s heritage, a story of evolution and innovation.
  • Witness the beginning of exciting careers with Bet Software’s graduate programme, welcoming talented trainees into a world of opportunity and growth.
  • Celebrate the success of Bet Software’s 2022 graduate trainees, now permanent members contributing to bridging the tech skills gap.
  • Witness the impact of Bet Software in uplifting Golden Steps School and Open Air School, fostering education and empowerment.
  • Experience the empowerment of Velabahleke High School’s top-performing matriculants of 2022 with Bet Software, paving the way for a brighter future.
  • Celebrate Women in Sports Day with Mengka Singh and Bet Software, recognizing the achievements and contributions of women in athletics.
  • Join the celebration as Bet Software honours Open Air School, making a difference in the lives of students and educators.
  • Discover the significanc

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