Let’s Meet For Coffee Part 2

So, if you are back for Part 2, I assume you navigated your way through the first date…you can thank me later. So now things are heating up much better than your geyser during load shedding… but unlike load shedding, moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 here is a good thing.

You live in Durban where we only have 1 season…HOT. If you are not from Durban, then welcome to the city where the ladies have to shave their legs all year-round coz it’s always summer here and speedos are the order of the day.

That hot cup of Java may have been a good ice breaker, but this time around you may have to literally break out the ice with an iced coffee alternative.

So, you pop down to the local coffee shop, and once again you are mind boggled with all the options. You did so well on the first date so don’t mess it up now… Here is a quick how-to guide for cold coffee.

Cold Brew

If you opt for this one, show your Barista some love coz this is coffee steeped for approximately 18 hours at room temperature before being strained and then chilled. This coffee has a very smooth taste, is far less acidic than a hot brewed coffee and itis served black.

Cold Brew Latte

This is a regular cold brew topped with cold milk froth and a few iced cubes. The milk makes it easier on the tongue and also kills any bitter aftertaste.

Iced coffee

Let’s not get this mixed up with a cold brew coz it’s far from it. This is regular espresso made hot and poured over ice. Some baristas refer to this as “Over Ice Coffee”.


This is a coffee and crème base blended with iced cubes and a choice of syrups. You can choose to have it straight up or topped with fresh cream. This is definitely one for the sweet tooth.

Iced Macchiato

It starts with cold milk poured over ice and followed by a dupio espresso…whats dupio you ask?

Clearly, you didn’t read Part 1. Please press the back button on your browser and search through the BET Software Blog for Part 1. Just be careful not to get sidetracked by all the other amazing blog posts on there.

Geez, how did you even get to a second date without reading Part 1…. *Queue curious emoji face*

Now, if coffee is just not your thing and you managed to read this far without falling asleep then maybe you should try an ice tea.

This is tea brewed the regular way and then chilled using ice. You can get creative by adding fresh fruit in as well for a great summer cooler. If coffee and tea are not your things then just drink water, dude… but not from the tap coz there ain’t none of that coming out the taps in Durban…#watershedding.

And if you get to date number 3… well she is probably gonna want food next. But we will save that one for another day… and trust me there will be another day coz I’ve tried reading an Italian menu with my Indian accent and it didn’t work out too well.

Peace out…

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