Marketing Manager (DBN)

We Want You: We’re looking for an extraordinary Marketing Manager to be the driving force behind our branding, digital marketing, and social media prowess. Think of it as your chance to lead a well-structured Marketing Department where creativity meets strategy! Your role extends beyond marketing; you’ll be the captain of our All-Star Team, fostering a culture that’s […]

Creative Lead (DBN)

We Want You: We are on a mission to find a creative mastermind and an imaginative genius. As the Creative Lead, you will embark on an extraordinary adventure in the digital realm! You’ll craft a unique brand identity and create captivating multimedia content. You’ll lead a Team of brilliant minds, guiding designers, marketers, and content creators on […]

Marketing Team Lead (DBN)

BET Software is seeking a dynamic and visionary Marketing Team Lead to join our squad. Are you ready to unleash your creative genius and propel our brand to new heights?