Sneakers or Stilettos?

Luyanda Mkhize - Product Specialist talking about Sneakers or Stilettos

It is crucial to have a professional appearance in the workplace but working for a tech company, like BET Software, this is not the case – especially considering today’s world of increased workplace flexibility and the willingness of businesses to accommodate a younger workforce.

If you had to imagine the appearance of a person who works at a tech company, it is unlikely that you would imagine someone in a three-piece suite but rather someone with a more relaxed style and, most likely, a male. Yes, the tech industry is male-dominated. But guess what? Us ladies are also in the building! We have arrived, and we keep stepping up in sneakers or stilettos, Honey!

Style is personal, and I am thrilled to be working for a company that is open to different types of styles, allowing us to express ourselves in ways that show our personalities and differences. I mean, one of our values at BET is “We Dare to Be Ourselves” and whether you are a sneaker girl or stilettos lady, you are welcome to be just that. There is no specific dress code that may leave us ladies with fewer options when there is so much to choose from because whether you are in sneakers or stilettos, the task remains the same. Make that money girl and go home. Having that flexibility in the workplace makes a few other things a little easier, especially if you are a woman with children.

Days are not the same, and neither is energy levels. Sneakers are easy to accessorize, and you are ready to go in a short space of time. It is much easier to move around in sneakers compared to stilettos. On the other hand, stilettos require a bit more effort and time to put together. Therefore, the choice is yours depending on the situation at hand as a female. For me, this choice is also influenced by the way I feel. I love Mondays. I feel fresh and eager to start the week at work, so I will most likely go for stilettos on Mondays. The compliments usually come pouring in and the appreciation does fuel my girl power.

On days when I know I will be moving around or when I need that extra bounce, I go for sneakers. Sneakers give me that bounce. Sometimes I have a stormy night or maybe get held up in the morning preparing the kids for school, so I lose some time getting myself ready for work. In such cases, I will go for the ease and comfort the sneaker provides. I may go for sneakers simply because I feel like it, or maybe it is a Thursday, and I will be jogging with the team after work because this function is also a factor in making this decision. I could run in stilettos, but that would not be pleasant or SAFE.

I am a girl that can rock both stilettos and sneakers. After all, they did create a stiletto sneaker. A combination of both but the most fun thing is that it does not have to be either. There are many other options for us ladies to choose from and shoes represent more than just style but also the roles we play in different settings and situations. Some moments really need a stiletto, and there are moments that require a sneaker. You need to be flexible, especially in a tech environment. The tech space is very dynamic, and you will need to be able to adjust to the requirements of that moment.

As women in the tech space, we need to ensure we do not fall behind. Whether we show up in sneakers or stilettos, we need to keep moving. Stilettos are known for being a little uncomfortable, but that does not mean it will slow us down, and wearing sneakers does not necessarily make us one of the boys.

We are still women in whatever shoes we choose. The most important thing is showing up and climbing up.

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