What I Have Learned & How I Have Developed

For the longest time, I have always aspired to enter the tech field. By the same token, I did not want to lose my creative freedom – which had me doubt the options I had available. I have always wanted to learn, my name is Lwazi after all – which translates to “knowledge” in English. One can say this is something that runs through my blood.

By joining BET Software, I learned about their learning and development programme. I discovered that it is not just for the for the benefit of the company but also for the benefit of the individual.

I have also realised how important it is to keep an eye out for ways that I can learn more about my career, my skills and my passion so that they can grow and contribute to the Team I am in.

Here are a few things I have learned;

It’s not just about learning.

Learning is about growing as a person and improving your skills, knowledge and network. It’s not just about learning new things; it’s also about reviewing what I already know to make sure it’s still relevant in the modern world.

Learning is a lifelong process that requires my constant attention. Once I stop learning, my chances of success drop dramatically, and the rate of self-development does the same. There are many ways to ensure that I continue to learn at BET Software:

  • I’ve set personal goals – these are goals over and above what the company has set for me.
  • I always try to play a leadership role outside of my job description. By this, I mean I always ensure that I take charge and ownership of what I am tasked with and what I am doing. 

Ask for what you need

I have often observed my manager. When we sit in meetings with the Team, I hear what’s going on from all sides. One sees how people react to each other, and how certain tasks are getting done (or not).

As an individual, I know what my strengths are and where my weaknesses lie – I do a lot of introspection frequently.

I am also aware and always remember that not everyone has the same needs or wants as I do when it comes to learning and development opportunities. As people, we have different personalities, backgrounds and experiences. This impacts the way we learn and what we learn.

For example: as a manager, if you want someone to learn something new because it’s important for them personally or professionally but they don’t think they need it, chances are they won’t be motivated enough by that goal alone!

So instead of simply saying “learn this”, try phrasing it like this instead: “I want us both to benefit from doing X.” Now, this may sound like semantics, but studies have shown time after time how critical these small changes can be when helping someone find success in their career path while also feeling supported along the way!

Learning and Development isn’t a magic wand. It’s just one piece of a puzzle.

Learning and development aren’t magic wands. They are just one piece of a puzzle. The other pieces are:

  • The company’s culture, values and mission (what it stands for).
  • Your vision for the future.
  • Your goals for success in your career path.

Your learning and development need to be aligned with all these things. It should support the goals of the business, and our vision and help employees understand how they fit into achieving those goals.

It also needs to help people develop skills that will enable them to carry out their jobs effectively and get where they want to be in their careers.

Learning is always changing, and we need to keep up with the times.

Learning is a lifelong process that requires constant attention, and it needs to keep up with the times.

Learning isn’t just about the company. It’s about the individual, the community and even the world—and it has been since the beginning of time.

The truth is, we all have much more to learn than we’re aware of, particularly when you consider how fast things are changing in our society today.

A company must believe in its Team Members

It’s important to note that a company that believes in its team, should invest in their development. It is also worth noting that a company needs to believe in its Team Members in order to succeed.

I hope that this article has given you some ideas about how to make your workplace a better place.

If there’s anything I want readers to take away from this, it’s that learning is not just something that happens in schools or universities—it can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone! We all have more potential than we realise, and when given the right tools and resources we can learn anything we want.


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