BET Software’s October Celebration: Meet Our Regional Spice Champs on National Noodle Day

In the spirit of October and the fun-filled National Noodle Day, BET Software spiced things up at the workplace.

We celebrated this month with our sizzling “Hot Noodle Challenge” across all regions. This friendly noodle-eating competition brought together 20 of our colleagues for a delightful and spicy showdown.

Let’s explore this exciting event and introduce you to the four champions who conquered our taste buds.

The Hot Noodle Challenge

The Hot Noodle Challenge brought a dash of excitement to our October days. It was a delightful way to gather together, enjoy some spicy noodles, and see who could finish them the fastest without breaking a sweat.

This challenge not only tested our spice tolerance but also our ability to have a great time with our co-workers.

Meet the Winners

After an intense noodle showdown in the crisp October air, we crowned four champions, each representing a different region:

  1. Tatenda Chareka (DBN): Tatenda’s impressive noodle-eating skills shone through, making him the Durban champion.
  2. Jarrod Fortuin (CPT): Jarrod handled the heat like a pro, earning him the title of Cape Town’s spice king.
  3. Pumlani Dyani (East London): Pumlani added a touch of East London’s spice to the competition, securing his place as the regional champion.
  4. Prince Gurajena (JHB): Prince’s passion for spicy noodles made him the Johannesburg champion and won our hearts.

These four winners not only walked away with bragging rights but also some cool prizes to make their October even more special.

Stay in the Loop

October at BET Software was full of warmth, laughter, and a little extra spice, thanks to the Hot Noodle Challenge. This fun event brought our team closer together and gave us all a reason to celebrate this special month.

Hats off to Tatenda Chareka, Jarrod Fortuin, Pumlani Dyani, and Prince Gurajena for becoming our Regional Spice Champs. As we look forward to more adventures, we’ll continue finding exciting ways to bond and make memories.

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