Payments Consultant (DBN)

We Want You:

Join the forefront of financial innovation at BET Software! We’re seeking a skilled Payments Consultant to bolster our team in Durban. Your expertise in Fintech and Payments will drive our company’s success, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, optimising payment protocols, and enhancing customer transactions. If you’re ready to shape the future of payments and thrive in a dynamic environment, we invite you to join our team and make your mark on the industry.


You Bring:

  • Relevant Degree/Diploma in Business, Finance or a related field (required).
  • Strong knowledge of PASA, SARB, PIB, and FIC regulations. (advantageous)
  • Knowledge of VISA, Mastercard, ACH, and relevant payment methods.
  • A minimum of 2+ years of payments, compliance, or fintech industry experience, preferably within the e-commerce industry.
  • Strong understanding of payment processing technologies, gateways, and fraud prevention.
  • Knowledge of payment compliance standards and data security best practices.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools and payment-related software.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional team environment.
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering a superior payment experience.
  • Ability to multi-task in a deadline-driven environment and show initiative.
  • Strong organisational and resourceful capabilities.
  • High levels of attention to detail and resilience.


What You’ll Do:

Payment Strategy: 

    • Develop and implement a comprehensive payment strategy aligned with the business goals. Remain up to date on relevant industry, consumer protection, and banking and advertising regulations to ensure an ongoing ability to provide sound compliance advice.
    • Analyse industry trends and emerging payment technologies to stay competitive.


Payment Processing: 

    • Oversee all aspects of payment processing, including credit card transactions, digital wallets, ACH transfers, and other payment methods.
    • Assess and improve payment processes to enhance efficiency and reduce transactions.
    • Monitor payment gateways, merchant accounts, and payment service providers to ensure reliability and security.


Fraud Prevention: 

    • Implement fraud prevention measures and continuously assess and improve them to protect against fraudulent activities.
    • Collaborate with risk management teams to detect and mitigate payment-related risks.


Payment Experience Optimisation: 

    • Work with UX/UI teams to improve the payment checkout process for customers, reducing friction and abandoned carts.
    • Analyse customer feedback and data to identify and resolve payment-related issues promptly.


Vendor Management: 

    • Evaluate and select payment service providers, negotiate contracts, and manage vendor relationships.
    • Monitor vendor performance and ensure compliance with service level agreements.


Compliance and Security: 

    • Stay updated on payment industry regulations, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and other relevant standards.
    • Ensure our payment processes are compliant and secure, conducting regular audits and assessments.


Reporting and Analytics: 

    • Generate and analyse payment-related data and reports to identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities for improvement.
    • Provide actionable insights to management and stakeholders.


Payment System Integration:

  • Collaborate with IT and development teams to integrate payment systems seamlessly into our e-commerce platform.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues related to payment processing.


Customer Support:

    • Assist customer support teams in resolving payment-related customer inquiries and issues.
    • Develop and maintain a knowledge base for payment-related FAQs.


Visa and Mastercard Knowledge:

    • Demonstrate expertise in Visa and Mastercard payment systems, rules, and procedures.


Technology Proficiency:

    • Banking is increasingly reliant on technology. The consultant should understand banking software’s, data analytics, and digital banking solutions, particularly in the context of chargeback and dispute resolution systems.


Market Analysis:

    • They should be skilled in market analysis and can provide insights and market trends, including how these relate to chargeback and dispute trends.


Chargeback and Dispute:

  • Handles customer disputes, maintains chargeback records, assists with the necessary documentation, and ensures our basis point remains below the accepted threshold.


Living our Spirit:

As a Payments Consultant within our innovative company, embodying our core values is key to driving our collective success:


    • Maintain accountability by ensuring that your role as a payment’s consultant is carried out in an ethical and compliant manner.
    • Lead the way for developing and implementing comprehensive payment strategies aligned with our business objectives.
    • Continuously staying abreast of evolving industry regulations and emerging technologies, this ensures we provide cutting-edge solutions which are compliant with the highest standards.
    • Embrace the ever-evolving landscape by analysing trends and new technologies, ensuring we stay competitive and innovative in delivering seamless payment experiences to our customers.
    • Successful collaboration is crucial for the team’s achievements and the business’s overall prosperity. Strive to amalgamate expertise from different teams, whether it’s partnering with UX/UI Designersto improve payment processes or collaborating with risk management to fortify fraud prevention strategies. Together, our unified efforts ensure that every transaction reflects our steadfast commitment to maintaining high standards and security.
    • Embrace your individuality, leveraging your skills to continuously improve our payment processes while ensuring compliance and security standards are met.


Embodying these values isn’t just about excelling in your role, it’s about contributing to a vibrant team culture where every Team Member’s distinct strengths and perspectives combine to create an environment of excellence and continuous growth.

The Company We Keep:

At BET Software, we don’t just recruit talent, we cultivate it. Our learning and development programmes, our various opportunities for growth, and our well-deserved incentives are what keep our All-Star Team the best amongst the rest.

Please note that only candidates who meet the stipulated minimum requirements will be considered.

If you have not been contacted within 30 days, kindly consider your application to be unsuccessful.

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