How The “Dare To Dream” Bursary Ignited A Fire In Me To Excel In The Tech Industry

The pursuit of a career in the tech industry requires passion and determination, but also the resources to acquire the necessary education and skills.

The “Dare To Dream” bursary was the catalyst that ignited a fire within me as an aspiring individual, propelling me to excel in this dynamic field. Beyond its financial assistance, the bursary gave me the ability to unlock doors of possibilities, instilled confidence, and inspired me to dream even bigger.

This is my experience of the transformative power of the bursary, and how it played a pivotal role in driving my personal growth, fuelling my motivation, and catapulting me towards success in the tech industry.

Financial Support And Opportunity:

Studying towards a degree in ICT often involves significant educational expenses – this includes tuition fees, books, software, and other resources.

The bursary eased the financial burden by taking care of my tuition, thus affording me the opportunity to focus on my studies and to invest time in honing my skills without the constant worry of financial constraints.

The freedom from the financial pressure, allowed me to immerse myself fully in my academic performance to ensure good results, and I was able to pursue additional technology certifications, take part in hackathons, attend workshops, and explore innovative projects.

With the financial weight lifted, I was able to go for opportunities that were once out of reach and acquire additional training, in order to thrive in the tech space.

Empowering Confidence And Self-Belief:

Being awarded the bursary felt like as a vote of confidence in my potential. The recognition and validation fuelled my self-belief, enabling me to push boundaries.

The “Dare To Dream” bursary served as a powerful motivator, affirming that others see something in me. The bursary planted courage in me to pursue ambitious goals, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence in every endeavour.

Opening Doors To A World of Possibilities:

The “Dare To Dream” bursary opened doors. It provided me with access to the BET Software graduate programme, as well as networking opportunities.

So far, the programme has served as a foundation for my career aspirations and my interest within the security and networks career field.

The “Dare To Dream” bursary has made me ambitious. It has transformed my journey. My dreams are bigger, I reach higher, and I can embrace a world of endless avenues within the ever-evolving tech industry.

May the fire that the “Dare To Dream” bursary ignited, keep burning in me.

Written by Noluthando Chumbe, Security Analyst Trainee

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