Hope Is Power

The demand for tech-savvy individuals is higher than it has ever been, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this need. This means that for many communities, quality internet and public computer services have become a necessity.

Following the devastation caused from the civil unrest in July 2021, BET Software, together with the Hollywood Foundation, partnered with radio station Ukhozi FM on the #HopeIsPower campaign. This campaign was launched to provide relief to the communities impacted by the riots.

Eshowe business owner, Nompilo Kheswa, applied for assistance and was selected to receive a necessary boost to help rebuild her business. Kheswa runs Touch Technology, an internet café which caters for the employed, jobseekers, businesspeople, as well as schools in the community who need access to technology. 

Touch Technology has been donated equipment such as monitors, keyboards, mouses, DVD writers, and hard drives. This will help her as one of two service providers in the small town.

Kheswa said, “Touch Technology appreciates this help.”

BET Software’s Commercial Manager, Vishen Naidoo, added, “At BET Software, Ubuntu is at the heart of everything we do. We love giving back to our communities. Technology is important for the growth of the small businesses in our country and in turn creating more employment. We wish Nompilo and Touch Technology all the best in the future.” 





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