Congratulations, Class of 2023!

Matric Top Achievers

Over the past two weeks, BET Software Team Members have been attending Matric prizegiving ceremonies, awarding laptops and keyboard combos to the top 5 2023 Matric achievers in CAT (Computer Applied Technology) or I.T. studies, at our beneficiary schools. It’s safe to say the future of tech is in good hands. As the euphoria of the Class of 2023’s Matric results dies down, most of these young achievers are already settling in at their chosen universities, where they hope to continue smashing stereotypes, shifting paradigms and surpassing expectations. We caught up with some of them, during Orientation Week, as they reflected on the Matric year that was. Meet some of our brilliant school brand ambassadors.

Asande Sibisi, Open Air School in Glenwood

Asande Sibisi is the top performing Matriculant at special needs school, Open Air. He is a visually impaired learner who scored 4 distinctions in his final exams. This 18-year-old living with myopia, finds it hard to see small objects from afar, and to read normal textbooks, for him everything needs to be enlarged.

“For me, every subject in the Matric exams was hard, especially Mathematics. I was offered enlarged exam papers and 15 minutes extra time,” he explains.

Asande hails from a rural area called Nquthu.

“I was raised by a single parent. My father passed away when I was 5 years old, and my mother is not working. My family was very supportive throughout Matric, they were my pillar of strength in terms of the obstacles I came face-to-face with,” he added.

Asande, who is an avid surfer, and competed in the 2022 ISA World Para Surfing Championships that were held in California, plans to study mechanical engineering this year.

Asande Congratulations, Class of 2023!
 Asande Sibisi – Open Air School In Glenwood

Slindile Mathandela, Comtech in Umlazi

Slindile, from Lamontville, had to attend extra classes for Maths and Science in order to get 7 distinctions in her final exams. Despite being the top CAT (Computer Applied Technology) Matriculant at Umlazi’s Comtech, she admits this was the most challenging subject. She relied on her mother who is unemployed, and her father who is self-employed, for encouragement.

“We never got a lot of practice for CAT before sitting for the National Senior Certificate exams, because of problems like load shedding. Sometimes we would be working on our computers at school, then there would be a power cut, which would set us back. This meant I had to find other ways to practice my CAT skills, and I had no laptop at home,” she explains.

Slindile will be studying a BSc in Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Cape Town (UCT) this year. She says she chose this field because she is driven by curiosity, and she wants to understand the mechanical infrastructure of South Africa and how it can be improved.

“The BET Software laptop and keyboard combo will help me a lot in varsity, because it is compulsory in my field of study; it means I will be able to get my varsity assignments done. Studying, in general, will be much easier and more effective and efficient because these laptops perform at high-speed and have the perfect specifications for a student, making my academic journey smooth,” she said.

Slindile Congratulations, Class of 2023!
         Slindile Mathandela, Comtech in Umlazi

Aisha Chataika, Northland Girls High School in Durban North

 Aisha is originally from Zimbabwe. Her family immigrated to New Zealand in August of her Matric year. She says it took video calls and text messages of support for her to excel academically, physically and mentally.

“I was able to achieve 5 distinctions overall. I give all the glory to God because on my own, it wouldn’t have been possible. I was beyond happy and grateful,” she explained.

“I am planning on pursuing a Computer Science degree overseas. This will be the stepping block towards achieving my dream of becoming a robotics engineer. Albert Einstein once said “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”, and I believe that’s the best way to express why I have chosen this particular field of study,” added Aisha.

She believes BET Software’s partnership with Northlands Girls High School encourages girls to venture into fields that many believe aren’t “suited for women”, and BET’s sponsorship enables girls to break barriers.

Aisha Congratulations, Class of 2023!
  Aisha Chataika, Northland Girls High School

Ntsika Madondile, Centre of Science and Technology (COSAT) in Khayelitsha

Ntsika Madondile, from Khayelitsha, scored a whopping 100% in his I.T. Matric exam, placing him first in his school, and in the top 40 Matrics in the Western Cape.

“⁠I haven’t found the right words to explain how I feel. I was shocked because I wanted a 100% for I.T., and I got it. I was overwhelmed, and I was proud of myself,” he said.

Ntsika comes from a family of five who sacrificed their convenience for him to succeed. His father is employed as a brick layer and his mother is a community worker.

“My father gave up his entertainment, like listening to music in the house, just to let me study in a quiet place. My sisters would ensure they woke me up early in the morning when I needed to study,” he explained.

Ntsika will study Computer Sciences at the University of Cape Town. He said he chose this field because its always developing.

“I love problem-solving, and I.T. has been a growing passion of mine. It excites me, because I get to make people’s lives better through the power of computers and coding. UCT has stated every student needs to have a laptop, so, thank you BET Software for the devices. May you continue providing confidence and strength to learners who need it,” he adds.

Ntsika Congratulations, Class of 2023!
Ntsika Madondile, Centre of Science and Technology (COSAT) in Khayelitsha

Wishing these students all the best at university. To all other Matric learners, keep an eye out for our 2024 “Dare To Dream” bursaries, which open later this year.

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