Luyanda Mkhize - Product Specialist talking about Sneakers or Stilettos

Sneakers or Stilettos?

Yes, the tech industry is male-dominated. But guess what? Us ladies are also in the building! We have arrived, and we keep stepping up in sneakers or stilettos, Honey!

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Let’s Meet For Coffee Part 2

Latte. Cappuccino. Espresso. Moccha. Macchiato. Americano. Which one do you choose, on that notorious first date? Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s unpack it for you. You can thank us in advance for that second date, loading.

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The Importance of Companies Giving Back This Mandela Month

There are many long-term socio-economic benefits that South Africa reaps when private companies give back, specifically; creating a nation that is empowered through solid employment opportunities, boosting the country’s economy, a levelling of the playing fields, and correcting the wrongs of the past.

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