We Don't Just Recruit Talent... We Cultivate It

We are a workplace of choice for software developers on the international stage due to our broad use of evolutionary technology, our talented team of All-Stars and the innovative solutions we deliver. We don’t just recruit talent, we cultivate it. And our All-Stars understand the importance of refining their respective crafts. Armed with learning and development programmes, various opportunities for growth and well-deserved incentives, our All-Star Team at BET Software is well-taken care of.

All star Vacancies

As we broaden our horizons and continue to grow globally, we are recruiting talent from around the world. We are looking to work with innovative and experienced independent contractors who are able work remotely, while being able to work with the South African time zone.  If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing Team of dynamic, like-minded have a look at the vacancy below.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, or have any questions…know that our door is always open! Get in touch with our Talent Team by sending your CV to [email protected].

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ALL-STAR treatment

Our BET Team consists of only the best and as such, they deserve the “All-Star Treatment”.

Take a look at the awesome benefits provided to our All-Stars!

Salary International

Financial Perks

We don’t want you to have too much month at the end of your money.
At BET Software, we ensure that your salary is paid by the 25th of the month! We have also been fortunate to apply annual increases for several years! We know how dedicated our Team are, so we offer performance related discretionary bonuses as well as ad hoc discretionary bonuses when we are able to do so!

Provident International

Provident Fund

We look out for future you!
The company contributes 5% (up to R1000) towards Team Member’s provident funds. This ensures that funds are saved for retirement purposes in order for our All-Stars to provide for themselves and their families after their working career.

Travel International

Travel & Tour

What happens in Vegas gets brought back to the company for epic growth and improvement!
Yes. You read correctly. Hardworking All-Stars are rewarded with once-in-a-lifetime trips to Vegas and Dubai! The Vegas trip is a rewards trip to recognise our All-Stars, and it is an opportunity to expose Team Members to the high standards that casino environments uphold.

Asset 5 International

Level Up

We’re all about growth!
At BET Software, growth is mandatory. We provide opportunities for our Team to complete formal qualifications through Star Factory. We strongly believe in Upskilling Team Members and we aim to cover the costs of courses that benefit both our Team Members and the company. BET is devoted to our All-Star’s development and career growth, we want you to be the best version of yourself!

Asset 3 International

Cafe & Coffee

Because life without good food and coffee is scary
Our space is equipped with an incredible Café serving delicious meals! Our Café is so great, you’ll never want to leave…and that’s fine! There are jump desks available with full connectivity, so you can spend the day soaking in the views and enjoying the amazing setting. We also have coffee machines on every floor brewing only the best, most delicious nectar for our All-Stars!

Asset 7 International

Our Space

Our building is your home away from home!
Our office space at 65 Richefond Circle is mind-blowing. We have designed our work space to allow for innovative collaboration, relaxation and good times! We have sea-coves that give our All-Stars a private pod while allowing them to enjoy the fantastic views of the Indian Ocean. Our Chill Room is pretty cool too! You can play numerous games on our PS4 or kick back and relax when you need a few minutes to switch off, have a laugh and recharge.

Asset 8 International


We 🤍 our community
We care about our community just as much as we care about our Team Members. We want to impact the lives of people around us and invest in the youth of today through bursaries, learnerships and ICT related donations to schools in our area. Our All-Stars get involved with these sponsorships by suggesting beneficiaries, attending handovers and offering training.

Asset 6 International


We love a reason to celebrate!
Whether it is a random Friday or our famous year-end party, we love hanging out with our All-Stars! Our Feel Good Fridays happen on the last Friday of the month at our awesome sea-facing bar! We run amazing internal competitions where our Team stand a chance to win big…very big! We also hold Long Service Awards where All-Stars are acknowledged for their commitment and dedication to our Team.

Asset 4 International


Life is not always linear…we get that.
Our All-Stars are encouraged to make use of flexi-hours. Start work any time between 7am – 9am and finish the day 9 hours later. If it works for you, it works for us!