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We live in a time where the rate of technology change is exceptional. Technology feels like it’s accelerating because it is. If you think about it, a decade ago smartphones were in their infancy. Two decades ago, owning a computer or a laptop was considered a luxury, for the most part. Technology certainly does feel like it is progressing faster than ever before.

When choosing a language to learn, it is usually easier to start with the one that is common to all the other languages. In the accelerated world, we currently live in – programming languages are competing to earn their place in the ICT industry.

The saying goes:  “different strokes for different folks” when it comes to people and their preferences/choices, similarly different languages use different paradigms with their list of pros and cons.

To meet divergent requirements like structure, styling, functions, storage, etc., developers have revolutionized the programming platform to a whole new level.

There is a rich history between the two C-based programming languages – as they both appear prominently in current job listing – C# and C++. When you analyze both these languages, you will realize that they are quite similar.

Those not fluent in either language could easily mistake one for the other by glancing at the code. C# is based on C++.

  • C# is a general-purpose, modern, and object-oriented programming language. C# was developed as the C-like object-oriented language, but later, it was released as NET with C# to avoid trademark issues. It improved many existing C++ features such as strict Boolean data type, managing inaccessible object memory – garbage collector, and default conversions that are safe.
  • C++ is a statically typed, multiparadigm, and object-oriented programming language. It can be called a hybrid language as we can write code in both C and C++ styles.  Initially, it was called “C with classes” as classes are an addition to the existing C language but renamed C++ later.

Here are some of the key differences between the two languages;

  • C++ is known as an intermediate-level language that adds object-oriented features to its base C, whereas C# is a high-level language.
  • C++ compiles programs to Machine Codes, and C# compiles programs to Common Language Runtime or CLR.
  • C++ does not warn the users if there are any errors before compilation when the syntax is followed. C#  warns users about the compiler errors, making the work less tedious.
  • In C++, programmers can use pointers anywhere at any point in time. In C#, programmers can use pointers only in unsafe mode.
  • Memory management in C++ is done manually by the programmer. C# runs on a virtual machine and thus, memory management happens automatically.

Both languages share a common ancestor and have become very different languages themselves. Based on information derived from Github, C++ and C# are ranked the fourth and fifth most popular languages in use.

C++ is mostly used when higher-level languages are not efficient, and the code is much faster than C# code. In terms of preference, developers are eager to learn either language, but the determining factor is the scope of the project and the frameworks they will be using.

For example, C# is much more popular when it comes to web and desktop application development. Whereas C++ is considered a more prestigious language used for applications such as games, operating systems, and so forth.

As you can see, both are worthwhile languages to learn for employability in the software development or computer science fields. Overall, both languages are powerful in development and are preferred by most programmers.

It is important to remember that one should know the basics of each language as it will ultimately help you further your career. And when one works for a company like BET Software, there are no limitations.

There is no tech stack they won’t try if it will enable you to push the boundaries to elevate your career and get the company where they need to go.

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