Back To School with BET Software

It’s officially back to school for learners across the country. On Thursday, 20 January 2022, BET Software visited Whetstone Primary School, in Phoenix, Durban. Whetstone Primary School is a public school situated in the heart of Phoenix. It serves a low socio-economic community and is committed to improving the plight of learners through education.  As they anticipate the year ahead BET Software, once again, stepped in to assist them.

Last year BET Software donated five desktop computers to the school to facilitate technological learning and development. This year, a stationery donation of 185 plastic sleeve flip files was the school’s main wish. The 650 learners in Grades R to Grade 7, as well as the 20 educators, were thrilled by the delivery made by BET Software and the Hollywood Foundation.

Vinothia Pillay, Principal of Whetstone Primary School, said, “We are always looking for companies and organisations to partner with us. We look forward even more to this wonderful relationship that we’ve now forged with BET Software and the Hollywood Foundation. Thank you so much for thinking about our learners.” 

Michael Collins, General Manager at BET Software, said, “The BET Software Team believes strongly in partnering with our communities. We love seeing learners excel, and we are proud to support and provide to these young leaders of tomorrow.”





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