Software Quality Analyst

BET Software is seeking Software Quality Analysts, responsible for developing and supporting the planning, design, and execution of test plans, test scripts, and process plans for projects. The successful candidate will work closely with various departments to perform and validate test cases based on quality requirements and recommend changes to predetermined quality guidelines. Responsible for ensuring that the end product meets the minimum quality standards, is fully functional and user-friendly.


Minimum requirements:

  • A relevant Degree or Diploma.
  • ISTQB Foundation certified
  • ISTQB Intermediate certified
  • At least 3 years of software testing and analysis experience.
  • A minimum of 6 months of Security testing experience or in Automation scripting.
  • A minimum of 6 months in Load & Performance testing.
  • Domain knowledge assessment exposure.




Communication & Time Management

  • Provide adequate day-to-day feedback and information to team, management and colleagues to ensure that all actions taken are planned, understood and implemented with maximum positive impact to the operational effectiveness of the systems being supported.
  • Ensure negative impacts to the systems being supported are understood, communicated and mitigated as far as possible.
  • Effectively communicate with the relevant teams as to status, progress and time to resolution when working on systems.
  • Ensure you schedule and prioritise your area/task of focus so that your limited-time provides maximum value.
  • Immediately inform management and relevant stakeholders of any roadblocks which may cause delays or ability to complete assigned tasks.
  • Assist stakeholders with queries and escalate to management as required.
  • Immediately inform management and relevant stakeholders of any roadblocks which may cause delays or ability to complete assigned tasks.

Test Planning

  • Conducts requirements gathering by:
  • Attending brainstorming, scoping, sprint planning sessions with developers, project managers, Business analysts and customers.
  • Reviews the BRD, specification and relevant project documentation.
  • Understand how the software works, as well as the business requirements and drivers for the software, and how this would integrate with the current system or framework.
  • Strong understanding of the scope of the project, the test time required and quality expectations.
  • Identify and raise risks, advise on mitigation plans.
  • Define test strategy to reduce testing time and effort.
  • Ensure the required test artefacts/software are available (PC specs, browsers, devices).
  • Identifies features to be tested and features not to be tested.
  • Implement effective test techniques (BVA, EP, etc.)
  • Able to modify and refactor test plans, test suites and test cases to ensure the shortest test time with the greatest test coverage
  • Informs relevant stakeholders of any deviation of the current plan.
  • Obtaining approvals of relevant stakeholders of the project.


Executes testing

  • Conducts necessary checks to ensure testing can be conducted with minimal disruptions.
  • Deployments were successful and RAT’s (Release acceptance tests) have passed.
  • Software is in a testable state.
  • Team members assigned to the project have relevant software and skills.
  • Load & performance, security and automation scripts are completed and ready for execution.
  • Completes tasks assigned within the time allocated and requests additional tasks upon completion.
  • Executes all relevant test types with DB verification and monitoring.
  • Uses relevant tools to improve efficiency.
  • Completes all assigned work according to the test plan/work assignment.
  • Executes testing on all integrated software components (E.I.S, Syx, etc.)
  • Ensures all previously open defects are closed and follow the bug cycle completely.


Defect logging

  • Ensures all defect entries are concise, accurate and unambiguous which conforms to the standard of the BET QA team.
  • Defects are logged immediately upon being identified and relevant investigation is conducted (Steps to reproduce, occurrences, severity).
  • Ensures all stakeholders are informed immediately of critical bugs which alter timelines or jeopardize the deadlines of the project.
  • Assists developers, support, customers to reproduce defects and keeps the impact of this support on the test effort to a minimum

Test Leadership

  • Ensures all test items and team members are available to complete testing.
  • Able to troubleshoot, identify and resolve or escalate issues to the relevant teams.
  • Able to Test lead complex, complex+ projects to completion.
  • Plans and allocates tasks for the team members efficiently and effectively.
  • Assist junior/inexperienced test leads when required.
  • Substitutes for the test lead when required.
  • Identifies obstacles that may affect project deadline and takes necessary action.


Skills and competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Must be able to learn, understand and apply new technologies.
  • Strong research and innovative skills.
  • Resilience and forward-thinking mindset (ability to be resourceful)
  • Must have attention to detail and take accountability.