In 11 short years we have grown from a tiny start-up that hailed from humble beginnings as a small department within Hollywoodbets. The team consisted of a
few developers who dreamt big and were  determined to achieve their goals and
go above and beyond what was required of them.

Our fearless approach to the way we worked allowed us to build a cutting-edge
betting software system for South Africa’s leading bookmaker. We built this system
from the ground up, along with a range of other solutions we have pioneered and
developed, and we are now capable of rivalling the very best around the world!

In a very short space of time, our software development department outgrew its
commercial parent and has since left the Hollywoodbets nest. This has allowed us to
become the innovative, stand-alone software development house we are today.

We are one of the largest, most diverse betting software providers in Sub-Saharan
Africa, providing reliable and user-friendly betting software on a global scale.

As we look towards the future, we know that we can be anything and do anything.

We recruit the industry’s best to ensure we continue our rollercoaster ride and embrace
the vertical learning curve, while pushing the limits and becoming a leading brand in
software development and the technology industry.

In 2010, we started off as a humble software development start-up within Hollywoodbets based in the “glass house” at the Hollywoodbets Argyle branch in Durban. We didn’t have much, but we did have the motivation and we hit the ground running!
The retail rollout started in March 2014. After an initial rollback, the full rollout kicked off later that year… and we never looked back!
All shared services from Hollywoodbets have moved directly into BET Software and rebranded as BET Software. We now have a Team of 190 All-Stars and growing!
2013 saw the launch of SyX software at a branch in Pretoria called River Square. The first bet was placed on Monday, 25 November 2013 on Race 3 at Flamingo Park on a horse called Amber Ace.
The development team within Hollywoodbets outgrew an inhouse support function and 25 team members were all transitioned into Betting Entertainment Technologies. In June that year, the Team left the Hollywoodbets nest and moved into a new building at Tetford Circle in Umhlanga. By September, online customer migration and Hollywoodbets retail transition over to SyX was complete.

Our Footprint

We are on an exponential growth path… and we just keep growing as we continue to reach record bet rates each week! We are excited to say that our growth and success is not limited to South Africa as we expand into more countries in Africa.

SyX has already launched in the following countries and is being supported by our All-Star Team:

Lesotho – powering SIMA Communications

Mozambique – powering Hollywoodbets

Zambia – powering AfricaBet

Zimbabwe – powering AfricaBet

Kenya Coming Soon – powering Hollywoodbets

As we continue to expand our footprint, we can’t wait to see where the future takes us.