Burnout during the pandemic

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It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic got a hold of us.  Infections are increasing at a rapid pace and the rest of us are getting affected by the complications and changes that the pandemic has brought to us.  Employees are also feeling the pinch as they are concerned about being exposed to the virus at work. If they are working from home they’re concerned about their family members whilst juggling work responsibilities and the uncertainty about job security. There’s no shortage of sources of stress for employees.

Software companies surveyed employees just months before the pandemic began, they found that 42% of workers were burned out. When they asked employees about burnout again, a few months into COVID-19, that number had shot up to 72%.

As the pandemic does not show any signs of slowing down anytime soon, employees may feel exhausted due to all the new safety protocols that need to be followed, the amount of time that the pandemic has lasted, and the impact it has had on their job and workplace. Some employees may also be experiencing grief for lost friends, family, time, and opportunities due to the pandemic. Our country has also been going through a new wave of civil unrest that has added another level of anxiety and uncertainty.

These elements have an impact of causing mental strain and feelings of cynicism to some employees which can lead to possible negativity, irritation and impatience amongst co-workers and that may reduce levels of productivity.

Burnouts may lead to higher employee turnover and this is inevitable during this time and that is the reason that as a company we are on top of our game when it comes to our employee mental wellness and care, by providing a positive and supportive work environment to help ease off some stress and burnout.

Constant employee engagement, flexible working arrangements to promote work and life responsibilities, via online tools is one of the ways that we keep our teams engaged and individual employees have the autonomy in how they complete their daily tasks. 

Career development opportunities through various online short courses and physical exercise may also be some of the recommended ways that employees may plan to take their mind off the usual tasks.

Given the unique circumstances that is brought about by COVID-19, we are aware that it is not business as usual and we will always strive to reach business success by taking putting our employees first. 

Article Contributed by: 

Suri Tsholetsane, PR and Communication Specialist for BET Software